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Hello and welcome to cherish_dream! This is a JE scanlation community owned by the Cherish Dream scanlation team (luma_chan, atarashiiyoake & kizuite). We're scanlating mainly Hey!Say!JUMP, Ya-Ya-yah and other CURRENT juniors related manga and episode books.

All the scanlation posts are kept 'FRIENDS ONLY' so please join the community to view them! Pretty much the only rule in this community is

PLEASE comment when you read something ♥ If you have the time to read it, you certainly have the time to at least say 'thank you' right? None of us have that much free time but we're trying to update here as much as possible so we'd really appreciate if we'd get some gratitude of our hard work - or at least we'd know people are actually reading these and there's a reason for us to update!!! XDDD

Cherish Dream Scanlation Team

Scanner & Editor luma_chan is in charge of scanning the original pages and buying the books of course XP and editing the English text into the originals after she gets the translation.
Scanning and Editing: All projects

Translator atarashiiyoake is in charge of translating the text from Japanese to English.
Translating: Ya-Ya-yah ga Yattekuru!, J.J.Express photo manga, Kis-My-Ft2 photo manga

Translator kizuite is in charge of translating the text from Japanese to English.
Translating: Johnny's Juniors episode books

Why name "Cherish Dream" scanlations?
Honestly, I don't even remember XD We had one name we originally wanted but it was already taken that time... "Cherish" obviously comes from the NEWS song Cherish and Dream... Probably from the song Love & Dream XD Yes, we suck at coming up with names.

What we are scanlating and when?
Pretty much what we feel like doing..? Please don't ask us translate any specific chapter from some book, we won't do that. But by commenting on the posts on the chapters we have released so far makes us work faster! XD Maybe... I'm really sorry we can't post too often, all of us have university stuff AND work so our time for doing this is very limited >>;

Please click HERE for a list of the scanlation projects we have already finished.

Books that we are/will/might be translating
Click on the cover for a larger picture ^_^

Please note that we do some other random JE related scanlations than these, such as the junior photo manga sections from Myojo. Also, please note that many books have other boys than the members of the particular group. For example Ya-Ya-yah books feature many of the NEWS boys, and in general the junior books have a lot of senpais like KAT-TUN and so on. You can use the tags or the project index to find scanlations with particular boys in them.

Ya-Ya-yah ga Yattekuru! manga

Ya-Ya-yah episode books

Johnny's Juniors episode books

Hey!Say!JUMP episode books

NEWS episode books

Other episode books

Like what you're reading? Please buy the original manga and episode books to support the actual writers!

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